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ISSN 0102-8464 (print)




The Revista de Educação Física / Journal of Physical Education of the Brazilian Army Center for Physical Training (Centro de Capacitação Física do Exército - CCFEx) is to publish high quality articles in the areas of Sports Science , Sports Management, and Historical Aspects of Physical Education.


In Sports Sciences area, Revista de Educação Física / Journal of Physical Education has multidisciplinary character and its scope includes: physiological, biomechanical, psychological, nutritional and epidemiological studies of physical activity, including sports, exercise and physical training, related to health and physical fitness. Furthermore, epidemiological studies focusing injuries and diseases related to sports, neuroscience applied to sports and / or physical training for high performance, and those that focus physical activity and its relationship to health. Methodological issues related to high-intensity exercise are also topics of interest. The types of articles published in the Revista de Educação Física / Journal of Physical Education are original studies, review, case studies / brief reports and commentaries, the latter by invitation.

In Sports Management area, topics such as organizational theory, behavior and strategy, sport interventions, sports management and health, law and politics, economics, finance and accounting, marketing, consumer behavior, sponsorship, advertising and licensing, media, communication and public relations, sports tourism, organization and management of major sports events are part of the scope. Approaches to quantitative and / or qualitative type are welcome. Articles that aim to strengthen the link between Sports Management theory and practice in the field are also of interest. Articles in Sport Management are review type, case studies, brief reports, research notes - that report project development test and data analysis (research notes), commentaries that focus on important issues related to Sports Management perspective, and articles to strengthen the link between theory and practice (field studies). In addition to these, relevant book reviews that are out of editing (Off Print) and new issues of interest to professionals in Sports Management (management memos) are also accepted.

In addition, one of the relevant themes is the Historical Aspects of Physical Education that, in Brazil, relates to the Revista de Educação Física / Journal of Physical Education.


Among the objectives of the Revista de Educação Física / Journal of Physical Education is the reaching an international audience and in that context, Articles are accepted in Portuguese and in English, the latter should have been reviewed by native reviewer.


Revista de Educação Física / Journal of Physical Education

Nome abreviado: Rev Ed Física / J Phys Education

Sigla:  REF/JPE


ISSN 2447-8946  (eletrônico)

ISSN 0102-8464  (impresso)

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