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Commander's Words


The origins of Physical Education, in Brazil, are based on military activities that brought new physical training methods for the preparation of the troops, around 1922. The first structured course of Physical Education, which formed the first professionals in the country, in 1929, was conducted by the Brazilian Army School of Physical Education (Escola de Educação Física do Exército - EsEFEx). Therefore, it is considered the cradle of Physical Education in Brazil and later came to be the Brazilian Army Center for Physical Training (Centro de Capacitação Física do Exército - CCFEx).


The CCFEx is the center of excellence of Brazilian Ground Forces for physical training. In this context, scientific research focusing physical performance presents fundamental importance. There are several points of convergence between military physical fitness / readiness and high-performance sports. On the one hand, attributes like discipline, selflessness, sacrifice, obedience to the rules of the game and patriotism are values ​​common between athletes and military personnel. Moreover, in both cases, the physical training aims to promote capability to overcome limits, whether they are physical, psychological and emotional or even psychophysiological. All this to achieve clearly defined objectives.


In 1932, the first issue of the Revista de Educação Física / Journal of Physical Education was published setting the most ancient national scientific journal on ​​Physical Education, and still publishing. Through the time, the Journal always presented multidisciplinary nature, and represents an important Journal for all professionals and students in the area who wish to broaden their knowledge.


The challenge presented to CCFEx for the Revista de Educação Física / Journal of Physical Education is to get indexed in Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO) and PubMed. Working together with all Military Organizations Directly Subordinated to CCFEx, within their respective areas, they contribute to the improvement of physical training in the Brazilian Army, ensuring that it is established on a scientific basis, in order to get the best results for the effective achievement operational objectives.


Commander of the Brazilian Army Center for Physical Training

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