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ISSN 2447-8946 (eletronic)

ISSN 0102-8464 (print)



The Revista de Educação Física / Journal of Physical Education is a periodic of scientific research of the Brazilian Army and is the most ancient national Journal in the area of ​​Physical Education.


The first edition was published in 1932, by the Brazilian Army School of Physical Education (Escola de Educação Física do Exército - EsEFEx). Since 2001, it was administered by the Brazilian Army Research Institute for Physical Training (Instituto de Pesquisa da Capacitação Física - IPCFEx), and from 2014, by the Brazilian Army Center for Physical Training (CCFEx). For the Revista de Educação Física / Journal of Physical Education the main goals are to publish high scientific quality articles with free access.


The Revista de Educação Física / Journal of Physical Education presents a multidisciplinary character and its scope includes a wide variety of areas in Sports Sciences, searching always win the challenge to follow the scientific development, which is consistent with its pioneering. It is directed to all professionals and students in the area who wish to expand their knowledge.


In recent years, the Editorial Board has made efforts to achieve two main objectives: to increase the scientific rigor required for the publication of high quality articles, maintaining its quarterly basis.


By completing 82 years of existence, in 2014, the Revista de Educação Física / Journal of Physical Education, presented a new layout to improve readability and features available in the online version, with a copyright policy type Creative Commons, which regulates the publication free access and use, helping to spread the knowledge free of charge to the scientific community.


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