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Revista de Educação Física / Journal of Physical Education
Revista de Educação Física / Journal of Physical Education

ISSN 2447-8946 (eletronic)

ISSN 0102-8464 (print)

Revista de Educação Física / Journal of Physical Education
Mission & future vision

The mission of the Revista de Educação Física / Journal of Physical Education (REF/JPE) is to be an international vehicle for relevant information to the science of sport and sports management publishing high quality articles.


The vision of the future is to achieve recognition as one of the most important journal in the scientific context, integrating the actions of the Brazilian Army Center for Physical Training (Centro de Capacitação Física do Exército - CCFEX) in teaching and research of Physical Education and Sports Medicine, based on the skills of the professional military of the Knowledge Era.




This first edition of 2017 crowns the work and effort of the entire Editorial Board to continue to overcome the many challenges that arise in order to maintain the periodicity of our publications. Thanks to this dedication, we have been indexed to the Latin American, Caribbean, Spain and Portugal Regional Information System online database: LATINDEX, and we continue in search of other important indexations counting on the collaboration of the researchers, so that they submit their manuscripts, fruit of well methodologically delineated studies, in order to elevate more and more the scientific quality of our publications (...)

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